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    School is hell in Gravewood High, a survival stealth horror game where you and up to five friends attempt to escape from a psychotic teacher and his maze-like school. You're in the fight of your life as you wander through fully destructible environments filled with traps and puzzles, hoping for a chance to escape.

    Several students—including you—have gone missing in Gravewood High, kidnapped by a crazy adult called Mr. Hyde. Controlled by an intelligent and relentless AI, he’s going to hunt you all down, one by one. What’s more, the school itself has changed into some kind of labyrinth filled with deadly traps—saws coming out of floors, narrow beams as bridges, and more. Even seemingly safe places can have traps when you least expect them. That’s because the locations of traps, items, and puzzles can change in between matches! 

    Figure out how you can escape Mr. Hyde by solving the puzzles together. However, note that even one of you can betray the rest by escaping by themselves and leaving you to your fate.Trust no one as you enter Gravewood High!

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