Nyaruru Fishy Fight

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    Play through the cutest Metroidvania you’ll ever see in Nyaruru Fishy Fight. Nyaruru is a catgirl living by herself in a village of humans. One day, everybody in town wakes up to find they have grown cat ears, just like Nyaruru. Something must be done, so Nyaruru goes on a quest to investigate the mystery of the cursed cat ears.

    Play as a catgirl who wields a fish sword in combat! Perform attacks that can launch enemies into the air, or attack them from above. Dodge, dash, jump and ride a skateboard to avoid traps and attacks. Find and collect Catcoins to spend in a store, gaining consumable items and upgrades such as: a cat scratcher that will improve your skills, a cat catcher that will raise your hitpoints, gemstones that introduce additional skills, and accessories that will provide special effects that can help you survive, especially in difficult boss fights.

    Speaking of bosses, each one has a different mechanic that you will need to study and counter. Cultivating the right skills, using the right gear, and employing the right strategy will win you a potentially deadly encounter. 

    Can you get to the bottom of the cat curse? Follow this irrepressible cat girl’s adventures in Nyaruru Fishy Fight.

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