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    In Tyrant's Blessing, you must overcome the power of the Tyrant’s Dead Army and win back humanity’s future. A tactical turn-based RPG, Tyrant's Blessing lets you play as the last remaining living heroes attempting to reclaim their home and their people.

    The Tyrant, a being of unfathomable power, came to Tyberia and tempted its inhabitants with an offer—enter a paradise of his own making by letting yourself be killed by his Dead Army. Unfortunately, thousands have fallen under his sway, rising as undead soldiers and swelling the ranks of his horde. Only you and a band of heroes can stand up to him. Now you must fight to reclaim your land back from the undead.

    In Tyrant’s Blessing, you must strategize a plan to win the battles you face on a daily basis. You must choose what missions you should undertake: fight the undead, save people from the evil army, or build up your army’s strength. What’s more, you will be faced with hard choices where you must weigh your morals against the risk involved. Should you attack brigands or preserve your arm’s strength? Do your rescue a child and risk the lives of your heroes?

    Engage in tactical combat on a grid where you must analyze the battlefield to have a chance of winning. Strength of arms and power levels is secondary to planning your moves and using the terrain. You can perform actions like blinding enemies with dust or knocking them into pitfalls. You must protect your less armored heroes with your tanks and use the environment to chain powerful elemental attacks.

    The future of your island lies in your hands. Defeat the undead and bring your land back to life in Tyrant's Blessing.

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