Eternal Threads

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    Can you use your time-traveling abilities to save six people from a fire? That’s the premise of Eternal Threads, a narrative-driven first-person puzzle game where you play as an agent of fate in a game where choices have consequences.

    A corruption has occurred in the time steam, and it’s your job to repair it. One of these corrupted events occurs in 2015 in Northern England, where a house fire that kills six individuals. The fire is supposed to happen, but your mission is that its six victims must survive. Somehow, you must manipulate events to achieve this perfect outcome. 

    You are given free rein to explore the seven days before the fire, changing and manipulating events to alter the timeline as you see fit. Uncover stories and secrets about these six individuals. Experiment with altering events to see what could happen differently. Just note that major changes can significantly alter time such that entirely new events may occur, replacing current ones. 

    Follow the story of each person you need to save, tracking each event and choice they make and how it will play out. Go back and forth along the timeline, altering events as needed and discovering their outcome. If you want to change something, just go back to the specific decision point in a timeline and alter it. Just remember that you are playing with people’s lives, and each choice you make can immensely affect their future. Can you find the best possible outcomes in Eternal Threads?

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