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    In Mists of Noyah, you are both the hunter and the prey. In this co-op survival RPG inspired by Castlevania, you destroy and loot dark creatures during the daytime, but when night falls, you must try to survive their inevitable attacks until dawn.

    Choose from one of five characters (Allure, Lance, Ninn, Rhys and Vylat) and begin your adventure in a broken-down fort that has been partially demolished by monsters. Now you must search the land for other survivors, bring them to your base, and carry on the war until the monsters have all been destroyed. 

    Take your character on quests in a grimdark, pixel-based world where you fight monsters to level up and gain treasure. During the day, explore the wilds to gather materials and rescue survivors. Engage factions that evolve and grow in strength as the days go by. Craft and build gear, enhance them with magic, and reforge them to be better. Construct new buildings, farm for food, and prepare your defenses. Hunt down and slay powerful bosses. And every seven days, you must defend your base against hordes of fearsome creatures out for your blood. Survive Mists of Noyah and become a mythical hero. Fall, and become another denizen of the night.

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