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    RUN: The world in-between is a roguelike platformer set in a dark world where you are constantly chased by your deepest torments, who have taken the form of a gloomy shadow. You have to escape from this shadow at any cost as you traverse procedurally generated levels at top speed, running and jumping through deadly obstacles that will kill you if you touch them. The key to success is constant movement and clever use of your dash ability in this frantic platformer full of action that will have you on your toes at all times. 

    Staying ahead of the shadow that chases you is the only way of surviving, but you will also have to think fast to adapt to the environment and think of a way of collecting memories as you navigate the different levels to learn the story of the game and beat The world in-between. You will unlock additional content as you progress and have to start all over if you die. 

    Pixel art graphics and an immersive soundtrack give shape to an always-changing environment perfect for those looking for a permanent challenge in RUN: The world in-between.

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