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    Raise a community of mutant dogs in Wobbledogs, a 3D pet simulator like nothing you’ve ever seen. Play a casual and calming sandbox sim where you take care of your virtual pets in a stress-free environment. 

    Your pet Wobbledogs start out normal at first, but slowly begin to develop new traits, entering into a pupal stage before emerging with wings, extremely long legs, or something else. They also start behaving in unexpected ways. This is due to the game’s simulated genetics system, wherein the food you give your dogs influences the microorganisms in their guts, which in turn kick off their mutations. Using this knowledge, you can customize any kind of mutant dog you like!

    Your dogs also need a nurturing home environment. Build your home to accommodate your pets and fill it with stimulating items to keep them entertained. You can place toys, set up a maze, plant a garden, and even play music. Your Wobbledogs each have their unique personalities as well as bodies, so each one will react differently towards other Wobbledogs and objects. 

    Play with your dogs and take care of their needs, and soon you’ll have a hive full of happy pets. Wobbledogs is the best pet simulator for those looking to nurture something new and unusual.

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