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    Fight your way through a zombie-infested post-apocalypse in HordeCore, an absurdly fun co-op side-scroller with RPG, base management, and a collectible card game. The zombies have taken over and it’s mayhem on the streets. You must gather allies, build an upgradeable settlement, and craft gear that will help you survive. 

    Lead a team of survivors through the urban wasteland, gunning down hordes of undead as they come shrieking at you. Go out each day to search for supplies in a never-ending procedurally generated world. Bring back any loot you find to your base, but be careful—in a zombie apocalypse, you are never safe! Zombies will come from all sides, including from the background, so stay on alert.

    Not only do you need those materials to make weapons and other gear, you also need them to upgrade your base and make it more useful. You can also find and recruit other survivors to your cause, eventually building a team that can face the toughest challenges the dead can bring. 

    And if that isn’t enough, HordeCore also has a collectible card game featuring over 60 cards. Every item, character, or Hordeling you encounter is represented by a card, so the more you play HordeCore, the more cards you get!

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