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    Take on the role of a spy in a totalitarian regime in Beholder 3, an adventure game where your choices matter. You are Frank Schwarz, a family man who was fired from your Ministry job after being framed for a crime. Just as you are sentenced to what would be a long time in jail, you get a reprieve when a high-ranking officer forces you to join her secret mission. Now you are a spy for the government, posing as a landlord of an apartment. You must sneak into your tenants’ homes, search for contraband, and do everything your government orders you to do. This means going through some impossible moral choices. 

    On the other hand, you can also spy on your co-workers and work your way up the ranks of the Ministry. If you can play the government factions against each other, you might wind up on top. Is it worth the risk?

    Play as a normal person working two jobs: a landlord and a spy for a totalitarian state. While doing chores to keep your apartment in good shape, you must also install spy cameras and search your tenants’ personal belongings. Perform quests for the Ministry, eliminating enemies and spreading propaganda as needed. Meet different factions and pick a side. Just watch your back—no one is trustworthy inBeholder 3.

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