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    Despite being a world brimming with magic, Aridia is a place with a severe lack of water. The Merchant Guild of Rain is the most powerful organization on the planet, as its services can provide people with water. The guild commands a fleet of flying ships that can gather the clouds and take them to wherever they want with their precious cargo. When the Eastern Empire decides to close its border to develop its own technology to control the rain, the guild decides to send you to steal this technology and get rid of its creators.

    Shadow of The Guild is a 2D sidescroller action platformer that puts you in the shoes of an assassin. The game features dynamic gameplay and exciting combat, and a progression system that allows you to unlock a variety of skills from three different talent trees. You can choose your path and get warrior, mage, or assassin skills. Depending on what you choose, you will be able to destroy your enemies with devastating blows, powerful lightning attacks, or deadly attacks from the shadows. 

    Shadow of the Guild reminisces Prince of Persia, but it has a deeper focus on the action. It's a challenging adventure for those looking for some action with a unique graphic style and plenty of secrets to discover.

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