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    Enter a fantasy world where the fates of both gods and humans intertwine. Heroine Anthem Zero 2: Scalescars Oath is a 2D ARPG side-scroller set in a world on the edge of a new apocalypse. The story follows Shama, a young priestess of the Tree of Life descendant of Gon Arrue. She must travel to the west to Uzato, home of the Forest Keepers, to fulfill a divine destiny. What does fate have in store for her?

    Scalescars Oath provides a robust choice of skills. As your character rises in levels, you unlock new skills such as dodge, parry, triple jump, and more. Combine these skills to create your own combat style. As you grow stronger, so do your combat companions—they will also unlock new skills as the story progresses. You can also choose any type of weapon to suit your style.

    There’s more to the game than hacking and slashing. You can take time to craft items, upgrade weapons, and cook meals that will enhance your character. Gather loot from defeated monsters to make new gear.

    Heroine Anthem Zero 2: Scalescars Oath features a vivid storytelling style with hundreds of CGs and animations, an evocative soundtrack from award-winning Japanese composers, and an immersive fantasy storyline that guarantees many hours of gameplay. Your journey into the divine realm begins here.

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