Home Behind 2

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    In this roguelike RPG you take control of a group of revolutionary fighters immersed in a cruel war to overthrow the authoritarian regime that rules with an iron hand the country of Scaria. After ten years of civil war, the citizens of Scaria are tired of the dictator Akadullah and brave enough to fight for the future of the country. Your group of freedom fighters is comprised of Banan, a college student that has just returned to her homeland to join the revolution, Prince, an agent from the Norto Republic, and Haroun, the disgraced son of a tribal leader. Will you be enough to lead a revolution and overthrow the tyrant?

    Home Behind 2 features exciting battles that pit revolutionary forces against the oppressor's army. You can take on different missions and try to expand your control over different areas of the country, build an encampment for the rebels, recruit new guerrilla fighters, each of them with different traits and jobs, and use a wide variety of weapons and vehicles. 

    With comic-style graphics in 2D and plenty of different scenarios, Home Behind 2 is a good sequel featuring solid gameplay and exciting mechanics. The combat system reminisces of Darkest Dungeons, but battles are in real-time instead of turn-based, and the strategic use of your character's skills at the right moment is the key to victory.

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