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    Space is a battlefield in NEBULOUS: Fleet Command. This tactical simulation game puts you at the head of a fleet of space warships in the war for the control of the galaxy. You don't have to worry about managing the economy that fuels your war effort in this game. NEBULOUS: Fleet Command focuses exclusively on combat tactics, and you will face your opponents in large maps where the clever use of any cover you can find and the technologies at your disposal are the key to victory. Hide from enemy radar using asteroids or gas clouds, hinder their efforts with jammers, and launch an overwhelming attack at the appropriate moment to destroy enemy ships. Tactics are everything in NEBULOUS: Fleet Command.

    Each fleet is completely different, as they are created through a point system. Therefore, you won't know what you will be facing before the battle, and you can't make adjustments to your ships. You have to understand the weak points of your fleet, try to minimize your vulnerabilities, and adapt your performance on the battlefield so you can take advantage of your strengths and outmaneuver your enemies. NEBULOUS: Fleet Command is a challenging strategy experience for those that enjoy space battles.

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