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    Watcher Chronicles is a hack and slash side-scroller in 2D where you control a Fallen One. These few individuals are the only poor souls who can restore the Purgatory to its former state. A nightmarish undead horde has invaded it under the command of powerful monstrosities that seek to transform the resting place of the lost souls into a new Hell. 

    Take part in exciting battles as you navigate colored scenarios and obliterate hordes of skeletons and other undead monsters. Watcher Chronicles features a skill-based combat system where you carve your path through waves of enemies and challenge gigantic bosses using powerful weapons and magic. Your hero will gain experience that you can use to unlock additional abilities and upgrade their gear, so it fits your favorite playstyle. You can choose from giant swords, scythes, lightning, fire magic, and more to destroy your enemies. The more destructive, the better, and you will need all the firepower you can gather to succeed.

    Watcher Chronicles features a local co-op mode to share the fun with a friend and a New Game Plus mode that you can access once finishing the game to start all over again, but keeping your weapons and armor to fight against more challenging enemies.

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