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    Go on another wild adventure in this sequel to Supraland. A first-person Metroidvania, Supraland Six Inches Under brings you into a subterranean world filled with places to explore, puzzles to solve, and monsters to fight. 

    It began as a DLC to the original game, but it kept on growing and growing until it’s now its own thing. You play as a Blue Plumber, a toy just like the rest of your friends. When kids start raking the garden where you live, your entire town is destroyed and you all fall into a hole, ending up in an underground world. There, you find Cagetown, ruled by a not-that-evil Baron. Your goal: reach the top floor of Cagetown and climb back to the surface world.

    Explore Cagetown and grab as much loot as you can in the form of coins and chests. Use your pickaxe to clear a path through stones and enemies alike. Find hidden areas and solve tricky puzzles to progress through the story. 

    What’s more, the game filled with plenty of gags and jokes poking fun at other video games like Super Mario. Supraland Six Inches Under improves on what made the original Supraland great. It’s the best thing to play before the arrival of Supraland 2.

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