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    Guide a family to safety amidst a terrifying alien invasion in Somerville. An adventure game reminiscent of the classics Another World and INSIDE, Somerville puts you in the shoes of a man, a woman, their son, and their dog, all of whom are caught in the wake of a worldwide catastrophe. Colossal spikes have descended from the sky, impaling and destroying anything in their path. From these structures emerges Sediment, a strange alien entity capable of shape-shifting into anything it wants. And now it is on the hunt.

    Get absorbed in an immersive tale of a family on the run. Unable to fight, you must move from shelter to shelter to escape the alien menace. It will mean navigating a terrifying apocalyptic landscape where you must avoid one danger after another. Along the way, you must also learn about Earth’s invaders and, hopefully, find a way to end their invasion. 

    Above all, you must beware of Sediment. The entity will hunt you relentlessly, and because the game won’t use any traditional game loops, each scenario will be different every time you face it. You must adapt quickly to the alien’s hunting strategies if you wish to survive in Somerville.

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