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    The Captain is a space adventure game that puts you in the shoes of Captain Thomas Welmu, a Spacefleet science officer whose ship got lost in the outer reaches of the galaxy. The destiny of humankind rests on your shoulders, as dark forces are preparing to land a devastating blow on planet Earth and your ship is transporting the only thing that can stop them. You will need to do whatever it takes to reach your home planet as soon as possible and prevent its destruction. 

    But racing through the galaxy won't be an easy task. You will get involved in countless events, fight against pirates and other enemies, meet a colorful cast of people that can be as beneficial as harmful for your mission, and even save or destroy some civilizations along the way. The Captain is a game where decisions matter and each one you make leads to a different scenario. 

    As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock additional technologies to boost your spaceship's capabilities making it faster or more resilient. You can also equip it with more destructive weapons that will allow you to deliver swift death to those that try to hinder your progress. But whatever you do, time is ticking, and Earth's impending doom will always be there to remind you that the destiny of a whole planet depends on your actions.

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