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The Last Hex

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    Defeat an army of undead in the rogue-like RPG card game The Last Hex. You are the last hero of a kingdom at the edge of oblivion; an undead army is marching on its borders, and you are the only one who can stand in their way. You must grow stronger to slay the army’s leader—the Lost—before he becomes completely unstoppable. 

    Travel across the land and perform quests to build up your skills. Every combat ability is represented by a card you can collect: you can attack, defend, or steal gold from enemies. Build a deck from 350 playable cards, which can improve along with your character stats. You can also collect more than 250 pieces of equipment for your character. Fight as much as you want, but be careful: each monster has its own deck to play and a strategy to employ!

    The land is represented by a map of hexes, much like a board game. You will encounter towns where you can purchase equipment and upgrades. You may find enemy camps where you can gain treasure and unique cards. Every hex is shuffled with each run, making every new adventure unique.

    Will you make it to the final duel with the Lost? And even if you do, will you be skilled enough to defeat him? Play The Last Hex and see what the cards have in store for you.

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