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    Aliens have infiltrated multiple locations in the Solar System, and you need to find them all. Looking for Aliens is a hidden object game where you follow the adventures of Shawn, an earthling seemingly obsessed with proving the existence of aliens. The catch is that you see the world of the game through an alien TV program, so helping Shawn will be more difficult than you think.

    Looking for Aliens challenges you with 25 different scenarios where you will have to manipulate objects and open doors to find proof of aliens' existence. A pair of TV hosts commenting on the program will be the ones giving you clues to find them, which turns out to be quite a funny situation by itself. You can zoom in on all locations and explore highly-interactive environments when you visit places like the Moon, Area 51, outer space, and many others. 

    With over 250 items to find and a good dose of light humor, Looking for Aliens offers a good experience for those wanting a bit of relaxation.

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    Dec 31, 2021, 2:09 AMon dlcompare.es
    este juego me llama mucho la atención estoy a tope de comprarlo
    this game is really catching my attention and I'm really looking forward to buying it.
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