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    The lovable duo of the Freelance Police makes a comeback in Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space. This is a remastered version of the 2nd season of the Sam & Max series, featuring a by-the-book dog detective and his frenetic bunny partner who loves troubles. Together, the irreverent pair fight crime in the funniest way possible. Watch as they chase down an evil Santa Claus, put out an active volcano, and face zombies, giant robots, and evil vampires. 

    The game remains as delightful as ever. Meet eccentric characters, solve hilarious puzzles, and discover jokes hidden all over the place. Play mini-games, and ride your DeSoto automobile to your next case. You can even import car decals and improvements from one episode to another. And if you get stuck on what to do next, the game detects your predicament and gives clues to point where you need to go next.

    Improvements to the game have Sam and Max looking and sounding the best they have in years. Enjoy better lighting and cinematography, more accurate lip-sync, improved audio and new music. It’s a great way to treat fans and bring in new players to the world of Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space.

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