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    Have you ever wanted to be a cute little spider? Well, I guess it's time for you to try out Webbed. This happy little spider will definitely won't creep or scare you in any way. 

    Webbed is an indie game that will lead you on an adventure to save your boyfriend from a big mean bowerbird. You will start of enjoying your time with him, making your tiny web and playing around, until the mean bird arrives and takes him away from you. From then, you will have to explore the dangerous wilderness with nothing but your webs and your wits. Master the art of web-swinging to move faster through nature. 

    Create your own path by sticking webs to almost anything. Use leaves as a parachute, air bubbles underwater, or even a tiny skateboard to move faster through the world. 

    Make friends with bugs by dancing with them or helping them as they may need, in return, they might even join your rescue effort. Be aware that some of those creatures won't be as friendly and you will have to fight them off in order to survive.

    Along the way, don't forget to feed yourself by capturing small flies and insects with your web.

    All this and more in this award-winning indie game, which will be a guaranteed fun time.

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