Death Cathedral

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    In Death Cathedral, you build your own undead army to explore the depths of an enormous gothic dungeon filled with a devil’s minions. A hack-and-slash RPG, Death Cathedral’s unique mechanic is that your characters are dead warriors stitched together with dark magic, and you need to assemble from pieces of defeated enemies. 

    Within the dark and haunted cathedral hides a devil, and it’s your job to find and defeat it within 15 days. The trouble is, your characters will decay each time they venture into the Death Cathedral. The process can’t be stopped, only delayed through the use of preservatives found in the dungeon. Once a character’s Decay meter hits 100%, they fall apart and are gone forever. 

    What you can do is building new characters with ingredients found within the Death Cathedral, specifically, with pieces from enemy corpses. Death Cathedral features over 40 types of characters, each with its own unique skills. You can also empower your characters by finding gear and treasure within the dungeon.

    The Decay system means that you can’t deploy the same team over and over to see you through the cathedral’s challenges. You need to adapt according to the resources you have and balance your party roster accordingly. If Death Cathedral’s mechanics proves one thing, it’s that death is only the beginning.

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