Death Cathedral Rises from the Grave in 2022

Death Cathedral Rises from the Grave in 2022

Death Cathedral brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “assemble the army.” A brainchild of Melancholia studio and published by Thermite Games, this is a unique hack-and-slash RPG where you have 15 days to find and slay a devil hiding in an enormous haunted cathedral. To venture inside, you need to create undead warriors by assembling them from pieces of your defeated enemies. Thermite Games released the trailer in the recent Gamescom, though the game itself will launch some time in 2022.



You will explore six distinct areas in a medieval gothic landscape reminiscent of Bloodborne (compare prices for Bloodborne). Encounter an army of deadly enemies with different skills, which you need to analyze and counter to defeat. Your characters have their own skills and combos, and you must ensure your roster has the balance of characters needed for each run. 

Death Cathedral’s unique mechanic is the Decay system. All your characters are nothing more than corpses held together by magic, so they fall apart a little more each time they enter the Cathedral. You can’t stop Decay, you merely delay it with preservatives found on your journey. Once a character's Decay hits 100%, they collapse for good. 

The upside is that you can build new characters from pieces harvested from the bodies of defeated enemies and from exploring the Cathedral. This means you can’t play the same team of characters over and over—you need to adapt your roster according to the resources you get. This guarantees that the gameplay stays “fresh,” if you can call it that. You can check out this gameplay video, care of MAZAVS game channel.



Death Cathedral comes out in 2022, though no supported platforms have been announced as of yet. You can compare prices for Death Cathedral here.

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