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    Have you ever wanted to grow your own monsters to charge with them into battle? Collect and farm different creatures in this action RPG game. Plant, collect and mutate your crops and fight fierce battles with them. Enjoy exploring the beautiful world that Monster Harvest has to offer, and make new friends along the way.

    Begin your new life in Planimal Point, build your own farm, customize it, craft furniture, and decorate it as you please while preparing some delicious jams or waiting for your crops to grow and leading them into battles. Craft your own items and unlock new ones such as the pickler, or the irrigation pipes, that will help you harvest in an efficient way.

    In order to help grow and mutate your crops, you will need to venture into the world and discover Slimes, which will help with the process. There are 72 different mutations that occur depending on the season you're in. With three unique seasons in Monster Harvest that will determine which type of crops you can grow.

    The cute mutated crops are called Planimals, and will stay with you no matter what, proving their loyalty. These companions are key while you venture into the world and explore dungeons fighting off the evil SlimeCo. Play your way and enjoy the turn-based battles with your favorite type of monster crops.


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