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    Discover what horrible secrets lie in a former hospital-turned-mansion in Tormented Souls, a survival horror game in the vein of Resident EvilSilent Hill, and Alone in the Dark. You play a young woman named Caroline Walker, investigating the disappearance of twin girls in Winterlake, a strange mansion with a troubled past. Things take a turn for the worse when she is knocked and wakes up in a bathtub, hooked up to decrepit medical equipment. From there, it’s one horrific thing after another as Caroline is forced to face terrible monsters and twisted beings. Can you survive to the end? Can you discover the dark secret of the manor, or are you doomed to be another inmate?

    Playing much like Resident Evil, you wander through the twisted hallways and rooms of Winterlake. Dynamic camera angles allow you to view the action, especially when you’re forced into combat with one of the dark denizens of the mansion. And you will face nightmares made flesh: patients who use wheelchairs that detect you with sound, glowing ghouls in radiation suits ready to swing giant hammers at you, crazed acid-spitting doctors, physicians with scalpels for hands, and much worse. 

    Never fear; you have your own weapons: a crowbar for close combat and a nail gun for precise long-range shots. Of course, your greatest weapon is your own wits. Evade and escape the demons roaming the halls and solve various mind-bending puzzles to proceed deeper into the manor. Use the enchanted mirrors you find to enter an alternate dimension where you can change the environment to your advantage. 

    Tormented Souls is more than a homage to classic survival horror games—it gives its own compelling take to what makes these games terrifying. To enter and be welcome in Winterlake. Just don’t stay forever.

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