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    Play as a superpowered cop taking on the worst criminals of the streets in Mayhem Brawler. An old-school style beat ‘em up arcade game with a slick modern look, Mayhem Brawler pits the three top cops of the organization Stronghold against the city’s greatest threats.

    Choose your character. Play as any of three main protagonists: Star, a woman capable of rapid attacks and telekinetic feats; Trouble, a grumpy old brawler with the handlebar moustache; and Dolphin, a grey-skinned giant who can grapple and throw opponents. 

    Beat up the bad guys. Enforcing the law won’t be easy in these mean streets. Not only do you have to go up against street thugs, but you also need to take on werewolves, street wizards, and literal corporate vampires. Pummel your way through 30 different minions and 12 bosses. Pick up weapons, throw objects, shoot guns, do whatever it takes to win. Play solo or with friends in local co-op mode.

    Control your story. Make choices that determine which of three unique endings you’ll get.

    Live in a comic book. With its graphic novel aesthetic, Mayhem Brawler makes you feel like you are fighting in the pages of a superhero comic. Welcome to the Mayhem Universe!

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