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    IXION is a unique sci-fi game that combines elements of city building, survival, and exploration to tell an epic tale. As the Administrator of the Tiqqun space station, you are the last hope of humanity. Your task is to find a new home where we humans can start all over again. Earth suffered a terrible cataclysm and you belong to one of the factions that managed to escape to space. As you navigate the space, you will find the remains of other crews and those that took on this journey before you and failed. Those may prove to be a terrible threat or invaluable help in your endeavors. You are the one to decide what path will you choose in your adventure.

    Manage every aspect of the Tiqqun station, unlock more sectors for additional space and to house more population, find the resources you need and investigate new technologies that may help you to achieve your goal. There are plenty of galaxies to explore out there and space is a dangerous place, but if you play well your cards, you could reach your final destiny and find a new home for humanity in this epic journey across the stars.

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