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Ixion takes space exploration to a different level

Ixion takes space exploration to a different level

Although there are many games that allow you to explore space, Ixion takes a slightly different approach to that scenario, which makes it all even more exciting. In this sci-fi strategy game, you are in charge of finding a new home for humanity in the stars. Earth has suffered a great cataclysm and you are the leader of one of the factions that has managed to escape from the planet before it was destroyed. You control the destiny of thousands of survivors in Tiqqun space station, who are expecting you to find a habitable planet that they can call home. Ixion features a unique combination of city-building, survival, and exploration mechanics that contribute to creating a unique adventure that will take you across the stars.

A huge space station to manage

Ixion gameplay is focused on the management of the Tiqqun space station. Maintaining the integrity of the hull, distributing the resources, and keeping people happy will occupy most of your time. The station has up to six sectors that you can unlock to build new facilities and housing for your crew. You will need to keep all the infrastructure of the station under control and solve any problems that may appear. These can range from power shortcuts to hull beaches and you will need to be creative and resourceful if you want to fix them as soon as possible. If you neglect your duties, there will be disastrous consequences for you and your people and that's something you can't really afford. If your crew thinks that your course of action is not appropriate, you could end with a mutiny on your hands.



Ixion is a combination of a colony simulator and a space exploration game. You will navigate space using stellar maps, develop new technologies, discover new types of resources, and uncover many secrets, but there are a lot of threats that can put a swift end to your journey if you are careless. Keep in mind that your faction may not be the only one that has survived the catastrophe that has destroyed the Earth. There could be other survivors in the same situation as you, which makes them either an invaluable help or unwanted competition.

Overall, Ixion offers you an exciting gameplay experience that combines the best features of several genres in a unique setting. If you want to help humanity to find a new home, feel free to visit our comparator to check out the best deals and buy your Ixion Steam key ahead of the game's release on December 7.

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