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    Space Haven is a strategic management game that puts you in control of your own starship. Humanity needs a new home, and it’s your mission to find a suitable world to inhabit. But first, your ragtag band of astronauts needs to survive the rigors of intergalactic exploration. 

    Build your ship. Design your own customized ship from top to bottom. You decide where each wall, door, control panel, and room goes. Keep in mind that you need to manage oxygen and CO2 levels, discard harmful gasses, maintain power and temperature, and keep a good living standard overall. Sometimes you will have to engage in tactical ship-to-ship combat. You’ll need to man battle stations and do impromptu repairs on the ship as it takes damage.

    Manage your crew. Every crew member has their own strengths and weaknesses based on their individual background. Maintain their mood by providing food, safety, comfort, and social activities while keeping them productive. Keep their stress levels low, or you may find them picking fights with other crew members or throwing themselves out of airlocks.

    Deep Space Missions. Send your crew to investigate derelict spaceships, space stations, or spaceships belonging to other factions. Outfit them with weapons to keep them safe. Salvage goods and resources, or free potential crew members from cryopods. But when aliens or other enemies attack, be ready to shoot your way out. If aliens take your crew members, you can choose to launch a rescue mission or leave them to their fates.

    The galaxy of Space Haven is procedurally generated, meaning you can replay the game and have an entirely new experience. So gather your crew, build your spacefaring vessel, and blast off to a new adventure among the stars.

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