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    CryoFall is a multiplayer colony simulation survival game in a sci-fi setting. It's played in an isometric view and takes place in the future on a forgotten planet. You team up together with other survivors with the goal of rebuilding your civilization starting with nothing at all. You start by collecting resources by using simple tools in order to build a shelter. Then, you gradually become more advanced, eventually creating technology that is not yet available to us mere mortals. Start farming and digging wells to sustain yourselves, build out your base, create new technology and build vehicles to explore the world around you. By researching medicine, you can ensure the health and survival of your colony. With fuel extraction technology, you can power the vehicles for your exploring. Create battery-dependent technology when you extract lithium and start doing it all on an industrial scale to produce futuristic military equipment and prepare yourself for the most terrible adversaries.

    InCryoFall you can choose to experience the game on many different modes depending on the server you choose to join, you can even create your own server and play together with your friends. If you choose to play the game in PvE (player versus environment) you only have to contend with the environment around you, but if you choose to play it in PvP you will have to contend with other players in a brutal contest for supremacy.

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