Rusty Lake Hotel

  • PC
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    You work at the Rusty Lake Hotel under the direction of Mr. Owl. Several guests will be arriving tonight, and your job is to ensure that they will have a great time. You will go around the hotel, solving puzzles and unraveling secrets while collecting ingredients for tonight’s dinner. The guests, who are also animals, come to the hotel expecting to have a good time, but they don't know that one of them will be turned into dinner for the other guests.

    Rusty Lake Hotel is full of strange and somewhat unsettling animations that hint at a dark story. It’s part of a broader series of interconnected games with overlapping characters and references to something yet unknown to the player. The game creates a sense of mystery and awe that makes you want to find out more and uncover its secrets, no matter where they will lead you. This point-and-click puzzle game is engaging and addictive despite its intricate storyline. To get the most out of this game it is recommended that you play the other games in the Rusty Lake series. It will take more time, but it will be more rewarding as it will let you understand the whole plot to a much greater extent.

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