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    Indie game fanatics rejoice! The latest collection of horror-themed shooters returns with the Dread X Collection: The Hunt. This pack serves up seven unconventional first-person shooting titles wrapped up in an overarching story. The story of The Hunt begins with Artemis, an expert tracker who arrives at an isolated snow-covered research base at the behest of someone from her past. Her journey is one of discovery and danger in this game-within-a-game, especially when it becomes clear that something is hunting her as well.

    Axis Mundi — You enter a haunted mall in order to drive out some dark spirits, armed only with a special camera.

    Black Relic — a silent monk returns to his monastery to find all his brothers murdered and their sacred relic missing. It is now up to him and his trusty crossbow to retrieve the relic from some dangerous cultists, and get some vengeance as well.

    Rose of Meat — What starts as a relaxing afternoon of fishing turns into surreal horror as you come upon a living island filled with bizarre people. All you have on you to defend yourself is a revolver and a talking leg made of meat. Nothing makes sense.

    Seraphixial — You have come to rescue your daughter from a commune that she joined, only to find the place filled with grotesque and aggressive monsters. Will you find your daughter or be forced to stay in this cursed world?

    The Fruit — You must search for your beloved in a sinister town filled with deranged individuals. You must unlock the secrets of an ancient language in order to find her.

    House of Unrest — When a fellow priest summons a demon in a profane ritual, you must undo his sin by banishing the creature using a gun and the light of God!

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