Voxel Tycoon

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    Voxel Tycoon is a management simulation game where you control everything in a voxel world. Build and manage your own city, transport goods and people, and watch your burgeoning town prosper and become a metropolis!

    Voxels, Voxels Everywhere! Explore an infinite world composed of voxels, complete with various environments ranging from forests to frozen tundras. You can gather resources such as wood, coal, and iron. As you continue to expand, you‘ll find rarer resources that you can exploit.

    You Got to Move It, Move it. Transportation is the lifeblood of every city in Voxel Tycoon. Choose from among 50 vehicle types to transport resources and people around your city, everything from cars, trains, trucks, buses, and more. You will need to match the capacity and power of the vehicle to the task at hand. In the case of trains, you will have to plan not just the routes and tunnel locations but also their schedules them to prevent crashes.

    Build, Build, Build. Design your own factories. Create a mine shaft then organize the refineries to turn raw materials into usable resources. Fund your R&D to research new tech and unlock new buildings, production chains, and vehicles. 

    Soon, you’ll have a thriving economy with people moving from city to city. Foster their growth and you’ll have a fortune in your hands, as a tycoon should!

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