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    Library Of Ruina is a game whose premise is quite original: it puts you in the shoes of a fighting librarian. The protagonists of the game are the characters of Lobotomy Corporation Angela, the Sephirot, and Roland. The game is defined as a "library combat simulation" title in which you must expand your book collection in a rather surprising way. When a visitor comes to return a book, the librarians will be able to fight them. If defeated, the visitors will turn into a book that will join your collection. In this game, one book leads to another, which will allow you to bring more people to your library and also offers you more secrets to discover. Battles are fought with a combination of cards and dice. Certain cards can influence the result of the dice, for example.

    But there are more than battles inLibrary Of Ruina. The emotions of your librarians and visitors are also an important part of the game as they can have an effect on the battles. If a visitor is tense, for example, the fight will be more difficult but also more satisfying if you win, especially as emotions can change during the fight.

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