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    Dead Age 2 continues the saga of the successful roguelike survival RPG series.

    The saga takes inspiration from the most popular series focused on survival in post-apocalyptic scenarios, adding its own twist to the zombie universe.

    About ten years have passed since a zombie apocalypse occurred, and various factions are trying to claim what remains of this land of death and devastation. After an attack by a horde of flesh-eaters, what's left of your group will have to leave their camp and watch their backs against both the epidemic and the groups of survivors they'll cross paths with.

    Playing Dead Age 1 isn't strictly necessary to enjoy Dead Age 2 since the plots of the two chapters are not related in the slightest. Be ready for strategic turn-based battles in which you have to use the different skills of your party members to overpower the creatures that this RPG will throw at you.

    -A dangerous open world: the free exploration of a variety of locations will be an integral part of your game routine.

    - Make thoughtful decisions: no choice will lack consequences in Dead Age 2.

    - Permadeath is around every corner: the game's roguelike elements imply the possible permanent death of your party members.

    Dead Age 2 will make you wonder what you would be willing to sacrifice for your own survival.

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