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    Teardown is a sandbox game in which you must do everything you can to perform the perfect heist. Teardown features a fully interactive voxel environment that you can destroy. On every level, you can wreck walls, rearrange beams, smash through buildings with cars, blow up houses, burn down platforms. You are free to do anything you can think of. Your objective is to create the most efficient route to follow during a heist. 

    Once you grab your first target it all becomes a race. You must dash, jump, climb, drive, or crash your way along the path you made to each of your targets. Once you collect all the items, you must escape on your getaway vehicle as quickly as possible before security catches on!

    You can play Teardown in various modes:

    Campaign. Enter a tale of betrayal and larceny as you are forced into a world of crime to pay off a debt. Unlock tools like the sledgehammer, the blowtorch, the fire extinguisher, guns, and bombs.

    Sandbox. Play on any level using all the tools you’ve unlocked. You have access to unlimited resources, so play as you will.

    Challenge. Test your planning and movement skills through unique and specially designed challenge levels. 

    Modding. Create your own level to play and share using built-in tools.

    It’s time to test your creativity and tear down everything that gets in your way during the heist.

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