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    The legendary sci-fi horizontal side-scroller makes a comeback in a glorious form! R-Type Final 2 comes back to life with exquisite 3D graphics and beautifully rendered backgrounds. Fly through this epic space shoot-em-up and come out the other side with guns blazing!

    Select your ship. Choose between the R-9A Arrow-Head, R-9D Shooting Star, or R-9F Andromalius. Customize your ship’s loadout, changing its color, weapons, and decals. 

    Choose your pilot. Dozens of pilots from the earlier installments are here but you can also customize your own. 

    Evolving Difficulty. Tired of games that are static? Need a bigger challenge? R-Type Final 2’s performance-based system tracks your experience and adjusts the difficulty up or down depending on how well you do. The game introduces stronger enemies the more aliens you kill!

    Evolving Stages. As your enemies change, so does your environment. Stages change as you fly through them.

    Oppose the might of an alien horde. A single ship is all it takes!

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