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    Have you ever felt like you were standing still waiting for a sign, a change, an improvement?

    Goobye Volcano High is an indie game developed and distributed by KO_OP that takes place in a world populated by creatures that look like a mix between animals and anthropomorphic dinosaurs. In this entirely hand-drawn narrative-based game, you'll have to guide Fang, a sort of humanized pterodactyl that just turned eighteen, through the last year of school, and manage all the corollary of adolescent feelings that this entails. Finding one's place in the world, for a dinosaur of that age, is no easy task, but we've all been there.

    As a narrative-based game,Goodbye Volcano High will let you make choices whose consequences will have a large impact on the unfolding of Fang's life. The title contains a multitude of mini-games whose outcome doesn't break the narrative in the least.

    Managing the life of a teenager with its ups and downs, seen through a magnificent cartoon, will allow you to immerse yourself in a beautiful colorful world!

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