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    This new 3D Metroidvania action game tells the story of a "semi Sentient" rogue piece of code trapped in the Mainframe. The untimely fall of the Seven Suns did lead to millennia of neglect, gradually transforming the Mainframe's vast repository of code into a race of half-sentient, half-deterministic subroutines. They exist in a state of flux as if trapped by their programming in a kind of twisted digital purgatory.


    The Mainframe is its own world with power grids, locked doors, and even huge enemy-spawning machines that are all powered by intricate, interconnected logic-gate circuitry. It is also populated by strange inhabitants, some who are not happy to see you and others that you can choose to help or not. You will find different weapons and abilities that change the game. When you pick up a gun, the game transforms into a third-person shooter. You can also get a glider that will let you go anywhere or unlock unlimited jumps and dashes to escape. Once you get hacking abilities, you will find that everything can be hacked. Nothing is hardcoded, so you can invert Logic gates, override or disable commands, set off puzzles or obstacles to easily bypass them, or even reprogram the citizens to follow your commands.

    Recompile is a dynamic story with alternate endings depending on your decisions. It has a unique low-poly art style backed by striking visual effects and features a deeply cinematic experience set in a purely digital world that reminds of Tron.

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