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    Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy is a roguelite action-RPG game with an advanced system of procedurally generated maps, quests,  levels, and an interesting graphic style in which lighting reacts to the times of day and moods, and amazing orchestral music that reacts to your choices. The game will look different for every player, with a different world, wonderful views, and hidden places to discover. You play the role of a Wanderer, whose mission is to crush Yendor's staff. In order to do that, you have to travel through a huge, unique world. 

    During your journey, you will meet many tribes, hostile and friendly. In addition, many magical creatures and enemies will stand in your path. You will explore many ruins and climb high peaks in search of mythical weapons and other ancient objects. Sometimes one reckless move can cost you your life. In this case, your character dies forever. The game does not save your progress and you cannot load a saved game either. However, your adventure can continue in the same world but as another character and a few years later. That character will bear the consequences of the decisions made by its predecessor, so try to act wisely, just in case someone else has to finish your work. The new character will also be able to use the items left by its predecessor and can continue the mission to destroy Yendor's staff. 

    However, before you proceed to the last, most important mission, make sure that you are well prepared for it because if your character fails, the world will be over and there will be no turning back. Then the only thing that remains is to generate a new world and start from the beginning.



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