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    Cut from the same cloth as Gauntlet and Diablo, Heroes of Hammerwatch is a rogue-lite RPG dungeon crawler that takes place in the Hammerwatch universe. 

    Build your party on your own or with up to three friends. Select one of seven different adventuring classes, each with their own accompanying stats and abilities. Begin your adventures in the town of Outlook. Fulfill missions for the townsfolk to gain rewards and experience. Delve into procedurally generated dungeons where hordes of monsters lie in wait. Come back alive with riches and glory. 

    Your heroes will gain experience and become more powerful over time. But beware, you will lose all your belongings and the rewards you’ve collected if you die. 

    But there’s also good news: the improvements you make in Overlook will persist and help future characters. Chose from among 10 different buildings, each with its own benefits. Once you complete the game, you can start over again with New Game+ for an even bigger challenge!

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