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    It's 1917 and the October Revolution is about to erupt in Russia after the Tsar has abdicated. The country is immersed in a civil war and nobody knows what the future holds. You will accompany a group of passengers that were traveling on the Trans-Siberian. After the train crashes under strange circumstances, only a group of survivors manage to escape alive from the accident. But they are alone in the frosty wilderness of Siberia and staying alive until help comes is not going to be easy at all.

    You will have to maintain them alive by gathering resources, building a shelter, and keeping them from freezing. If that isn't hard enough, you also have to keep in mind that the 9 survivors belong to different social classes and each of them has their own story. You will have to learn about their personalities, take care of the morale of the group and try to keep the animosity level between them low to avoid potential conflicts that could end with the whole group dead. If you are able to make them understand that their survival is more important than anything else, you all may live long enough to survive this tragic experience. You just have to convince them that Help Will come Tomorrow...

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