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    Rescue Pokémon in trouble in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX. A Nintendo Switch remake of the original game, the game puts you in the body of a Pokémon and you enter a society run entirely by the adorable little monsters. Since various Pokémon have gotten themselves into trouble in dungeons, it’s up to you to go in and save them.

    Build your rescue team. Recruit other Pokémon to join your team. Every Pokémon can use the four skills they know. You’ll need to think about which member is right for the job you’ve chosen and the dungeon that lies ahead to ensure your mission will succeed.

    Train your members. You can’t succeed in jobs without getting better. Enhance your members by building team camps where your Pokémon can take shelter and train their skills.

    Delve into dungeons. Explore different kinds of dungeons to rescue stranded Pokémon. Fight other hostile Pokémon in turn-based battles. Use your knowledge of Pokémon strengths, weaknesses, and rare qualities to attain victory.

    Get online help. Everyone needs an assist sometimes. If you’re in trouble, send an online rescue request for other players to respond to. Pick up Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX and start rescuing the stranded Pokémon. They’re all counting on you!

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