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    Princess Peach: Showtime! is an action-adventure game starring the iconic Princess from the Super Mario series. Instead of being the one to be rescued from the evil boss, Princess Peach takes a more active role in this game with the help of a sentient ribbon named Stella. It allows her to interact with objects and characters in a variety of ways to progress through the game.

    In Princess Peach: Showtime!, an evil sorcerer named Grape interrupts a play at the Sparkle Theater during a play the Princess is attending. Everything takes a turn for the worse when the spectators are trapped inside alongside the Princess and she loses her crown. But Peach will take the matter into her own hands and will proceed to help Stella restore order at the theatre and free the spectators.  

    Princess Peach will be able to unlock several transformations, each of them with unique powers. By making use of them, she will have to restore every play at the theatre and rescue the Sparklas so they can continue acting in the show.

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