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    Enter a world of darkness in Vampire The Masquerade: Coteries of New York, a visual novel set in the universe of the 5th edition ruleset of Vampire The Masquerade. You are a newly blooded vampire, bathing in the city lights of the greatest city on Earth while caught in the crossfire between two factions: the traditional Camarilla and the freedom-loving Anarchs. Which side will you choose? Will your choices lead you to a higher status in vampire society or to an early Final Death?

    Choose a pre-made character from one of the vampire clans: Ventrue, Toreador, or Brujah. Encounter and interact with the many denizens of New York, from vampires to ghouls to unscrupulous humans, and perhaps even darker beings. Master your set of powers, known as Disciplines, and learn to apply them judiciously. Follow the vampire laws and do what you can to protect the Masquerade from human knowledge. Most of all, be mindful of your Hunger and feed when necessary. If you let your Hunger go unchecked, you might give in to your most basic vampire urges, and consequently let “the Beast” loose. 

    Kindred society is steeped in intrigue and betrayals. Do you have the cunning and will needed to rise through it? If so, step into the dark nights of Vampire The Masquerade: Coteries of New York. And watch your back, fledgling.

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