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    River City Girls is a side-scrolling brawler game released in 2019 by WayForward Technologies. It follows two teenage girls, Kyoko and Misako, as they fight their way through the city of Riverdale to rescue their boyfriends from an evil gang. The game features fast-paced combat with hand-to-hand fighting moves and weapons like baseball bats, whips, and chainsaws that can be used against enemies. Along the way, you'll explore vibrant environments full of secrets to discover while collecting coins to buy new gear for your characters.

    The gameplay in River City Girls combines classic beat 'em up the action with RPG elements like XP points which are earned after defeating enemies. You'll also unlock special abilities such as wall jumps or air dashes which provide additional mobility options during fights. As you progress through the story mode you will face off against bigger bosses who require cunning tactics and skillful combos to defeat them. There's also an arcade mode where players can compete in missions for high scores or take on challenging bonus levels for even more rewards.

    River City Girls has plenty of content for gamers looking for a challenge - whether it's mastering its deep combo system or exploring its vibrant world filled with secrets.

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