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    After annihilating the other members of their own race under the orders of the Council, the Four Horsemen have now to fight Lucifer. The demon king seeks to disturb the balance by granting master demons increased powers and War and Strife will be the ones in charge of destroying them and thwart Lucifer's plans. The Horsemen paid a very high price in the war of Eden, and they are the only four survivors of their race. Born from the union of angels and demons, the four Nephilim are executors bend to the will of the Council, and their new mission is to hunt down Lucifer's servants. As they gather information from the master demons, they will discover a cunning scheme that threatens the balance of the world by unraveling all creation. The story of Darksiders Genesis takes place before the events in other Darksiders titles and gives us some insight into the origin of the Seven Seals.

    Darksiders Genesis is very different from the previous games in the Darksiders series. It's an action game too, but it's played on isometric perspective with a style similar to games like Diablo. You will fight through hordes of demons using the melee capabilities of War and the deadly guns of Strife. You can swap between them anytime in single-player mode and combine their skills for maximum efficiency killing packs of demons or wreak havoc with a friend in cooperative mode, with each of you controlling a Horsemen. As you progress through the game, you will collect a variety of items from the defeated enemies to upgrade your combat capabilities and unlock new skills to grow in power and strength.

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