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    Dawn of Man is a highly immersive and strategic gaming experience from Madruga Works, the creative minds behind the popular city-building simulator Planetbase. Set in the Prehistoric era of human history, players are tasked to lead their own tribe through the difficult times of survival. With its unique setting and real-time progression system, Dawn of Man offers an intense strategy game full of challenge and excitement.

    In Dawn of Man, players will be responsible for growing their tribe’s population as they strive to survive against nature itself. Resources must be managed carefully as disasters like famines, droughts, floods, locust swarms and more can derail even the best-laid plans if precautions are not taken ahead of time. Challenging objectives such as taming wild animals or exploring new technologies need to be achieved while maintaining your population’s morale level which also needs special attention as it affects many aspects including resource production rate; failure to do so could result in a mass exodus!

    The graphics engine brings prehistoric creatures and environments alive with stunning detail – from wooly mammoths grazing on grassy knolls to densely forested areas near mountain ranges that bear witness to your tribe’s evolution over thousands of years since their inception. Dawn of Man also customizes the experience with its unique procedural map generator that creates different landscapes and environments each time a game is started. Game enthusiasts everywhere will appreciate Dawn of Man's depth, challenge, and replayability; this highly immersive experience is sure to delight gamers whether new or seasoned veterans.

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