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Dragon Star Varnir

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    Dragon Star Varnir is a JRPG title that stars a young warrior named Zephy, a low-ranking Knight of the Requiem. Even though he is a bit broody, he is also kind to his peers. His group is in charge of hunting and killing powerful witches, people cursed with affliction of giving birth to dragons. However, when Zephy almost dies in one of his missions, it was two from the mysterious witches who took him in and saved him from the brink of death by making him drink the blood of a dragon.

    Now Zephy has gained some new incredible abilities and he will find that his fate is intertwined with the witches as he decides to shift allegiance and fights against the Empire he was once part of and the relentless dragon hunters.


    The battlefield in Dragon Star Varniris divided into three layers – the Top, Middle, and Bottom levels. Players can move around freely in between the levels during battles. You have a special skill called Devour that as the name suggests allows you to eat dragons. You have both physical and magical skills that you can use in combat but physical skills can only be used when fighting enemies on the same level as you. There are four types of attack:  Hit, Pierce, Shoot, and Slash. Landing a critical hit denies an enemy its turn if you targeted a weak point. As for the magical skills, these can be used even on enemies on other levels. Magical skills have six types: Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Light, and Dark. Attacking an enemy's weak spot causes major damage.

    You can have at least three support members join and help you in the battle. You can also switch positions with your support members at any time in the game.

    Dragon Star Varnir will be available for PS4 on June 2019.

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