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Meat’s back on the menu with Super Meat Boy Forever, a platformer where you can’t stop running no matter what! A few years after the events of the previous game, Meat Boy is living in peace with his wife Bandage Girl and their child Nugget. Suddenly, their idyllic lives are shattered by the return of their archenemy, Dr. Fetus! The nefarious doctor beats Meat Boy and Bandage Girl unconscious while they were out on a picnic before kidnapping poor Nugget. Now it’s up to Meat Boy and Bandage Girl to find their lost daughter before Dr. Fetus fulfills his evil plans.

Run Boy Run. Super Meat Boy Forever is an auto-runner—you can’t stop moving forward, ever. You will have to jump, dodge, and fight your way through every obstacle in your path, whether it’s minions, mazes, lasers, or buzzsaws. 

Level upon level. The creators designed thousands of levels from over 6,000 different parts, so it’s possible to run through the game without ever encountering the same level twice. 

Super Meat Boy Forever promises a brutal challenge that will make you feel you accomplished an incredible feat with each finished level. This game will keep you on your toes the whole time. Are you up to the challenge? Grab Super Meat Boy Forever now!

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Jan 4, 2022, 2:34 AM
Had every achievement unlocked in super meat boy 1. And the sequel is here!, I'm gonna preorder it as soon as possible
Jan 10, 2022, 7:42 AM on
Super jeu de plateforme, le premier était génial, hâte de l'essayer !
Great platform game, the first one was great, can't wait to try it!
Jan 6, 2022, 8:34 AM on
Un jeu inde super cool a jouer
A very cool indie game to play

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